Sumbawa – Pira’s Story – The 10-year-old girl with a new legs

Pira The 10 year old girl with no legsI met this brave little girl in Poto Tano, West Sumbawa.    Here is her story:
When Pira was two, the bus she was on blew a tyre and rolled over. 19 people were badly injured in the accident, one person died and Pira had her legs severed.
Pira’s knees became like feet and with her bone protruding, surgery was required.  This campaign, which Villa Damee helped fundraise for,  helped her reach her goal and she underwent the surgery three months ago.
Pira’s also endured a huge stomach intestinal injury, which has since healed.

Pira The 10 year old girl with no legsSo, three months ago, Pira got a new leg.   A great success story.
She is the top student in her school and is determined to be a Doctor when she grows up.
Many people have helped Pira get her new leg.  If you wish to help Pira’s further costs for her new limbs and hospital visits, there is a link below.
Story by Stephanie Brookes
Please visit this website on Pira for more information and pictures:

David Metcalf Photography