Local Village Cultural Tours

All from the door of the Villa Damee

cycle around villa dameetemple near villa dameeVilla Damee UbudVilla Damee UbudSunrise near villa damee Ubud area

All tours are fully escorted 
Duration:  1-2 hours
Prices:  Rp 100,000 per person (USD$10) Children free

Proceeds of cultural tours go to support the local Petemon Village English Teaching Program including educational books and resources, 1 teacher salary, and support of the orphanage sponsorship program in Tabanan and local community programs. Thank you for your support.  

1.    Local Pakerisan River Temple Tour – on the doorstep of Villa Damee, a short walk through the village brings you to the sacred Pakerisan river – a beautiful, peaceful place.  Wear river shoes or crocs.  If you don’t have – you can buy plastic sandals for $2 next door at shop/mini market.  Walk up the river and visit some hidden temples, over 1,000 years old.  This is a very special place. You can also meet the rice farmer working in his small rice field beside the river. Discover the natural water spring (you can drink directly from the source). The Pakerisan River has World Heritage Listing and is a source of holy water used in ceremonies.  A very important and significant place to the Balinese people of the local Pejeng area.

2.   Village Tour including coffee at local house  – as you are staying in the heart of Pejeng, one of the most ancient kingdoms of Bali enjoy this opportunity for an escorted tour of the local Petemon Village. You will get to witness how the Balinese live and the significance of the way their homes are organized to please the Gods and bring good luck to the home. You will have the opportunity to learn about Bali culture and ask your local guide (one of our staff) any questions you may have as you wander around the village. This is very authentic and something most visitors to Bali do not experience. You will be offered coffee and this tour offers a great opportunity to meet the local Balinese.

Tirta-Empal,BaliVilla Damee UbudAncient-Bali-Monumentvilla-surrounds-duck-s-villa surrounds kids in river

3.   Village Ceremony – If you have the opportunity to attend at least one celebration during your stay in Bali, you will find this cultural experience very special.  This is not a tourist staged event, but by invitation.  Just express your interest to Wayan, and if your timing allows for it, you will have the opportunity to join in one of the local Hindu Balinese rituals.  Glimpsing into the celebration of Balinese life will be a very unique experience.  Many significant rites, festivals, rituals and ceremonies, take place around Pejeng Village and by you joining, as an honoured guest; you are in turn contributing to the local Banjar and village.

Tooth Filing Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
Baby Ceremony – 1 month, 3 month, 6 month
Special ceremony

4.   Odalan Temple Ceremony -An elaborate and colourful ceremony (which goes for 4-6 days) held around the full moon and celebrated every 210 days at various local temples.  These are special events to witness as the temples are decorated in beautiful colours with amazing attention to detail. An enormous effort goes into these special ceremonies. At night there is dancing and comedy and if you are lucky a trance ceremony may take place. It is a wonderful family time.  Try your hand at making an offering.  Some of the larger temples in the area attract thousands of people and it is an unforgettable sight to see hundreds of woman with large offerings balanced on their heads, as they make their way to the temple.

For photographers it is a feast! Stay 2 hours or longer.  You will be escorted by one of our staff.

ricefields near villa damee UbudLush-Ubud-Countryside near villa dameeVilla Damee UbudRivers-in-Central-BalTirta-Empul,near-Ubud

5.   Meditation at the Temple – with Nyoman.  This tour is complimentary. Nyoman will accompany you to the local temple and together, you can enjoy this spiritual experience and sit in meditation, quietly reflecting in an ancient setting alongside a Banyan tree.  Experience the pure, divine energy of being in a very ancient place and feeling very comfortable sharing this experience with a local Balinese spiritual, enlightened person, your new meditation friend, Nyoman.

6.   Rice Field Trekking Tour – Meet the local farmers, enjoy nature, see all stages of rice production in action and enjoy the peace of the rice fields. If you get up early enough you should be able to see mighty Mount Agung the highest Volcano in Bali and the spiritual heart of the Island of the Gods, as you wander through the green rice fields. Make sure you take your camera.

8.   Escorted cycling tour of Pejeng area The local back roads of Pejeng are perfect for cycling, as there is very few cars (although quite a few motor bikes).  It is very peaceful and quiet. As you make your way alongside the rice fields and temples, enjoy the rural pace of village life. A great way to get some exercise and take in the beauty of the surrounding area at a slow pace.

9.   Fishing Experience – Local Pakerisan River – 7 min walk from villa.  Spend a couple of hours in nature with a fishing rod. A great activity for the kids, we provide the fishing lines, the gear needed and the special spots to try your luck at hopefully catching a fish at the river. A great way to spend a couple of hours in the sunshine.  See the local kids playing in the river. Make some new friends.

villa-damee-surrounds-rice-fields-next-doorvilla damee surrounds by rivervilla-surrounds-temple-dancervilla-surrounds-temple-girlPakresan-river_324

10. Traditional Balinese Cooking Lesson – Learn about Balinese spices, cooking methods and discuss and learn some Balinese cooking secrets. Sample the food afterwards. Local ingredients cost is extra.

11. Making Coconut oil – with Wayan and Grandma in the village. Have some family fun learning to make your own coconut oil and get to meet Grandma. She is absolutely delightful and her other job is feeding the 2 cows (involves walking to a special field to get special grass) and feeding the 3 pigs.  A very authentic local experience.

12. Woodcarving Classes in Mas Village   Sit and talk with the local woodcarver, learn how to make your own gecko or komodo dragon or mushroom. Classroom set up and really good fun. This is an experience you may not get the chance to have at home.Pick up and drop off service additional cost (small cost).

13. Photo Tour – Half-day photography tour with villa owner and professional photographer, David Metcalf (www.davidmetcalfphotography.com) and local Balinese photographer, Nyoman.  You will be taken to a beautiful sunrise spot (non-touristy) and on to some very special places including a temple and local market. Full Day tours available with opportunity to attend a local ceremony.  Depart Villa 5 am. Return to villa 10.30 am.  Workshop includes photography tips, camera settings tips, composure and tips on how to get that award winning shot. Ideal for beginners as you have one-on-one tuition.  All levels catered for- beginner to advanced.

Price:USD$120.00 per person. Minimum 2 people. Half day tour.
Full Day USD$200. Minimum 2 people. Contact Dave on 0811 1331255 or davidmetcalf3@mac.com

14.  Cycle hire – Independent cycling, go as you please – hire cost USD$5 (Rp 50,000) per day per bicycle or take an escorted bicycle tour – 2 hrs @100,000 per person. Children free. Bike hire charges apply.

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Pakresan-river_326Old Balinese lady near villa dameeFarmer near villa dameePakresan-river_336Farm near villa damee

Ever wanted to teach English in Bali?

TEACHING ENGLISH: Villa Damee supports the Local Petemon Primary School Volunteer English Teaching Program assisting Balinese English teacher on Saturday and Sunday at 9.00am. Assist teach for 1 hour. 5 mins walk from villa.  Your help is greatly appreciated.  No teacher experience needed.  Native English speaker and conversational English only. Have fun, sing songs and play games in English – Simon says, Head-Shoulders-knees-and-toes game, etc. 

Ever wanted to visit a local orphanage?

ORPHANAGE VISIT:  Villa Damee also supports 2 orphan children.  Visiting the orphanage is a very special experience. The children are beautiful and so happy to meet foreign guests. Villa Damee have donated 4 Balinese dance costumes and the girls love to dance. If you would like to visit the orphanage or find out more, our guide/driver, Dana from Take it Easy Tours will take you there and organise your Balinese dance in advance. It is a 1.5-hour drive to Tabanan. A great day out and a day to give-back.