Villa and Land for Sale – Villa Damee is for Sale

Villa Damee is for sale.  Are you considering living in Bali?  The villa is on 23 are of land comprising of a 3 bedroom villa, 1 large pool and 2 blocks of land (perfect for development) which borders the holy Pakerisan River.

Price:  enquire to owner

Our beautiful 3-bedroom home is located 4.5 km from Ubud, in Pejeng Village.The villa is close to three lovely schools.  The Green School is 25 mins away or Pelangi School only 20 mins or a new (elementary school), The Wood School, Pejeng is 8 mins away. The setting of Villa Damee is magnificent, as it is bordered by rice fields on either side and the holy Pakerisan River, which has hidden temples in the rocks.  The house was built in compliance with Balinese spiritual law – so you feel the peacefulness and balance at the villa.  It is our intention to be very discerning to whom we sell our home too.  We had the appropriate blessings on the land, in important stages of construction and the villa has hence grown into a place of bliss, harmony and good Karma. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.  

Breezes blow through the yoga and mediation platform with views over jungle and rice fields and a magical light surrounds the villa in the early morning light and again as the dusk draws down.  

Enjoy the huge natural spring-water fed pool which is balanced by an eco-friendly ironiser which avoids the high use of chlorine.  The water is soft and pure and your hair won’t turn green (if you are blonde) Lap swimming is perfect.  

The kitchen is a functional kitchen with good bench space, large industrial fridge, large separate freezer. 

Main Features:

1. You are in the heart of an ancient village with 10th Century temples all around.  You will be welcomed into this village and respect, which has been well established.  You will see very few if any, foreigners.  You are a short drive (4.5 km) to Ubud, close enough yet far more peaceful than central Ubud with a bustling 700 restaurants and bars now. 

2. Stunning views of surrounding rice fields and jungle.

3. Air conditioning in the 3  bedrooms – however, there are plenty of breezes for air circulation which combines with our elevation.  You also have fans as an option in every room.  

4. Open/closed: tropical living.  Designed for perfect flow in keeping with Balinese architecture.   

5. Builder quality: the house is built with the best quality materials and professional lighting for mood.  A very different standard from most of the villas in Bali, which is built with a rental in mind.  The proper ceremonies performed at the villa men’s you have harmony flowing in your living spaces.  

6. Design: simple, minimal indoor-outdoor tropical functional living.   This villa is natural, using local materials  e.g coconut posts and natural fibre roofing and includes linen, fabrics, towels, etc mixing modern with Balinese and Indonesian touches. 

7. Kitchen –  good size kitchen with cabinet space and counter space and a large Industrial fridge, gas stove top and pizza oven for baking. Full set of utensils and cookware and wine glasses etc.  

We have a Bale located in the rice fields (Kubu) with a traditional earthenware kitchen for making your own satay grill or a lovely space for painting or read a book/study surrounded by nature overlooking jungle and down to the river. A very quiet and peaceful spot – surrounded by nature. 


– 3 bedrooms, all with comfortable quality American beds.  3 kings and 1 queen.  and 3 ensuite bathrooms (including one with a stoneware bathtub).  2 goddess showers. 

– Large living/dining space X 3 areas – perfect for teenagers. 

– Spacious and functional wardrobe/storage room and 2 super king size bedroom.  The 3rd bedroom is standard size.  

– Outdoor laundry space with washing machine, however, we use local laundry service as it’s cheaper at 10c an item and it comes back in 24 hrs all  pressed.  

– Recycling bins to help manage trash 

– Pool with ironiser ozone  system (very low chemical use)

– Large tropical garden with a traditional gazebo bale set in nature.

– Motorbike and car parking for 4 spots 

– Fast internet connection – 10 MBPS – Banjarnet 


Pejeng Village is 2 km for the Maya Ubud. Ubud is 4.5 km away.  It’s a beautiful drive and quiet roads. 

School run – carpooling should be easy.  Green School, Pelangi School or local Wood School, in Pejeng. 

The villa is only 4.5 km from Ubud.  A general store (and Pejeng traditional night market) is only a 1.5 km walk.  Volleyball played by the local community every night. Snack – only 3 doors away. 2 km to Indonesian restaurant – Warung Mina and Nade Madu and a new genuine coffee house.  

A yoga teacher can come to the villa, as we built a dedicated yoga platform.  

You can get organic veggies and organic chicken delivered (Jons chicken) or pick your own veggies at Pejeng Organic Farm by Kadekalong Along ( 2 km ) or Hars Garden just 4.5 km away.

Outdoor activities – walking or running or cycling on small back roads.  A peaceful walk to the Pakerisan River, which is safe for swimming. 

Pejeng village life is still very traditional –  with activities such as rice cultivation, traditional farming, woodcarving, many temple ceremonies, villagers collecting water from holy spring at Pakerisan River and the duck farmer comes past the villa in the afternoon (with over 80 ducks). 

Wi-fi:    We built our own tower and it’s the fastest available with specialist Blueline with 24 hr excellent customer service.  

Email your enquiry to Stephanie Brookes or David Metcalf – to arrange a viewing.

Phone or message via whats app Stephanie at +62 813 5348 6791



Villa Damee